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I have two questions, but I just wanted to post them at the same time.
The car in question is a 1991 300D 2.5, with 175K and all the service is up to date and never done late.
1. I park the car in my garage and I smell a faint wiff of diesel fuel, if I bend down near the grill. The car does not have any leaks anywhere, and I did check very thoroughly from above and on a lift. Anythoughts?? It is not strong, but I was putting stuff on a shelf, in front of my car and when I bent down I smelled it.
2. My car puffs a little bit of blue-grey smoke at idle. If this was my race-car (1989 Mustang Lx 5.0, run's low 11's) I could definately say that it was oil being burned, but the car does not consume even a drop of motor oil. I think that it is just burning a tad too much diesel fuel. Since diesel fuel is essentially oil, could this be my answer?
Aside from that, the car is an absolute pleasure to drive.

Thanks and remember to keep telling everyone about this sight. Even if they do not have a MBZ, they will learn a lot about cars.
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