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Strange Problem

My ABS light has been coming on intermittently. I know the OVP often gives signs of failure via the ABS light but I am uncertain since I have the non-troublesome OVP. I haven't heard anything here about changing the non-troublesome OVP (being one not made by siemens).

Searching through the archive is what turned me on to the notion that the OVP may be my problem. I have been noticing an intermitten stumbling at idle. As well as intermitten non-operation of my cruise control. I understand both of these are symptoms of a bad OVP but again I've yet to hear of the non-siemen OVP going bad, though it is an electronic part which is bound to go sooner or later.

I've recently had a complete valve job done and my mechanic told me to change the fuel injectors and I would notice an immediate difference in idle. ( his suggestion, I didn't even ask). So I did, though it is an improvement and the old ones looked terrible I still have the intermitten stumble and what seems to be a sluggeshness to the motor, as well as the intermitten ABS light coming on. I'm not sure if its related or not but my mechanic also told me that the injectors would fix my cars problem of not starting on the first crank. (It always takes two.) Or is that the fuel accumulator??? Anyhow thanks for your help in this matter.

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