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OK Ive got some weird stuff going on. Tonight when in my car I stopped at a fast food place to get some stuff. I had my foot on the brake with the car in idle. Ihad the heater full blast, the radio on, and the lights on. Well the antilock light started to blink on and off, the phone turned on and off, and the lights all turned on and off repeatedly. I can only assume my battery could not provide enough juice, or the alternator is starting to go, not sure.

The battery I just bought last year, it is an Interstate,and I purposefully got one rated larger than the stock one because of the new england winters. I can recreate the problem if I brake, put full fan on, and turn on the lights.

Also since this happened the "light out" light on the console is always on, but all my lights, turn signals, etc seem to be working fine.

OK where should I start?

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