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Weird vacuum incident...?

Okay, my wife was to drive the 84 300D to Albany this weekend so she drove to work as she planned on leaving from there. She noted the climate controll was a little screwy not maintaining temp and then blasting warm air intermittantly during the commute. Upon arriving at work, the engine wouldn't shut off when the key was turned off and removed. Panic cellphone call to husband, instruction to use the shutoff lever under the hood. The engine quit before she could use it. She said the power locks were not functioning but everything else was normal, ie, trans shifts, power assist brakes. Parked the car at parents and borrowed another car to make the trip. She picked the MB up on the way home today and then we drove it to Boston for a family shindig. I checked the vacuum at the pump and get 20 inches at idle though it takes 5-10 seconds to pump from 15 to 20 inches. This is starting from 0, hooking hte gauge up and starting the engine. 20 inches seems like plenty to me? Drive to Boston and home everything worked fine. Locks lock/unlock in 1-2 seconds, engine shuts off, climate control works fine..... Hmmmm. What gives? Is this a symptom of something about to crap out in the vacuum system? The pump? An actuator? Maybe just a freak occurance, stuck valve, etc? Any ideas appreciated. Thanks, RT
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