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Thanks KenP and Rander--I got mirror fixed !

Your pictures gave me the courage to lever it open, Thanks. I was really dissapointed after seeing two flimsy attachment spring clips which attach to those tiny little plastic tabs that both broke off probably years ago when someone bumped the mirror or tried to adjust it manually. MB, shame on you for allowing some engineer to make those little tiny plastic tabs which break after heat and age work on them, and those untempered spring clips which bend so easily. The mirror works GREAT in regard to automatic dim feature---and the adjustment motors are fine too. But mechanically someone should have been fired or possibly HUNG ! Just kidding of course, but I really hope they don't still make them so flimsy !!

What I chose to do was do away with the metal clips entirely and used some JB Weld Kwik to attach the mirror to the small plastic front surround border, then after that was set up and firm I used two pieces of double sided foam tape and two small strips of clear silicone glue to attach the back of the mirror to the flat plastic platform that the motors turn. The last step was to snap on the back plastic housing being careful not to unstick my tape and silicon glue which was still curing.

The entire operation took less than an hour and I did not have to take it down from the mounting post or even undo the wiring. Just be gentle with everything and use only 4 small spots of JB Weld about 1/4 wide --- no need for overkill--- you might have to dissemble it at some later time and those spots could be picked out with a sharp pointed knife. The double stick foam tape and the clear silicon could be slowly pryed up if it needed to be removed. Cured JB weld does not conduct electricity enough to make any difference even though you have to place it on the terninal ends to glue the mirror to the front frame. I had tested it earlier with an Ohm meter--- you don't have to worry.

Go ahead and fix your mirror, just work gently.

Thanks again for the help and inspiration I needed to open it up and effect the repair.

Does anyone know about how to remove the center console release handle??? I had posted that question earlier but have not as yet heard from anyone on that.

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