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Unhappy HELP- W202 Tranny is going crazy

I seems like one problem after another.... I am driving home from my moms doing about 80mph all of a sudden the rpms go up and im going nowhere. I pull off the interstate put the car into park then back to D and its fine. Then I get back on the interstate and at about 70mph it goes back into neutral. I decided to limp home at about 50mph in 3rd gear. When I got off my exit it went back to neutral so I stopped and from then on I had to leave it in 2nd. When I got home and put it in P then went to bring it inside nothing at all it would not move.
I really need some help I cant get to school w/o my car and have no way of getting to work either.

Thanks in Advance

Christopher Partain
'98 C280 White on Tan

-=Santa Bring me a C43=-
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