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560sel driveability problems

Hello, I recently purchased a 89 560sel with 145,000 miles.
within 3,000 miles it developed transmission noise so I had it rebuilt.The engine uses some oil, I have seen a puff of blue smoke ocasionaly when leaving a light. The engine has a miss at idle, especially when cold.
Sometimes when starting hot, the engine starts but won't rev up for the first 15 seconds or so. I tried new cap, rotor, wires, platnum plugs, and fuel filter. No change. That is how it was before the transmission rebuild.
Now after the rebuild I have found that at just about 3000rpm
and full throtle, the engine just bogs out. If I come off the gas for just a second, she is back full. This is in any gear. All the other conditions still exist except the front pump on the transmission no longer makes noise.
I would apreciate any input on this and hope to be of service to the forums members in the future. Thank You, Robert

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