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Well, the OVP will cause some of that. The 2 times crank is dependant on if its cold or hot. The accumulator will cause a long crank hot and is easy to test, just pull the vent hose off, if fuel runs out of the accumulator, then its shot.

Most 103's do a start-die cold, the default placement of the idle control valve is closed and its take a second for them to open. If thats the condition, try leaving the key on for 15 seconds prior to starting and see if that takes care of it, if it does, try cleaning and lubeing the ICS valve.

The OVP will drop lambda control and play games with the ACC and idle control as well. (dependant on year), there are also a couple of vacuum lines on the side of the throttle body that'll leak and a closed throttle switch on the back on the intake that can and will fail causing intermitent weird idle.

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