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john e
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I just bought this car as a theft recovery. I've replaced the dash, ignition, some wiring, the entire console, and rims. It's a pretty nice car. I now have some problems starting it. This is what I have done: 1) complete tune-up (with copper plugs, electrical components are putting out fire to the plug), 2)fuel pressure tested directly at the fuel line from the fuel pump is a constant 32 lb., this is after an initial peg of the needle, it then drops to 32 lb.. I only turn the key on to pressurize the system and do not crank the engine.
I do not yet have a manual for the car. The reason for the pressure checks is that I crank and crank the engine, it will catch after about 3 or 4 attempts and then die, it will then idle after the 3 or 4 deaths, but idle very rough. After a warm-up, I try to give it throttle, but it sounds like a choke out, before it increases rpms. Saabs I can work on, but without a manual on this type of fuel injection, I'm kind of lost. Any suggestions will be gratefully appreciated. Thanks, John
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