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Fuel filter plugged, most likely if not changed with the new pump.

Otherwise, you are going to have to check for damage/clogging of the in tank screen -- this is the 24mm hex "bolt" in the bottom middle of the tank, and should have been removed when the tank was cleaned (not necessarily your fault!) since it has a brass screen.

I'd check, carefully, for fuel delivery -- with the fuel pump jumpered and running, you must get a liter of fuel in 30 sec at the return line. If not, you have a stoppage somewhere and you will have to find it. A smashed steel line, a bad rubber line acting as a one-way valve, etc. Very unlikely to be a bad pressure regulator, but that isn't impossible -- in that case, it will run WAY rich, as in black smoke pouring out the tailpipe from excess fuel pressure.

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