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your opinion on brake pad and rotor options (W124)

1992 Mercedes 300D 2.5 turbo.

What do you think about aftermarket brake pads and rotors?

First, are they trouble free?
Fully compatible with the floating caliper of W124 diesel, compatible with the brake pad wear sensor, . . . etc.?

prices as of 10/27/2003, USA

[front pad set]

Pro Perform OEM $39 (TireRack)

Texar $42.5 (Fast Lane)
_____ $39.53 (Fast Lane)
Delux PBR $32.91 (Fast Lane)
Metal Master PBR $41.04 (Fast Lane)
Pagid $42.5 (Fast Lane)
ATE $42.5 (Fast Lane)
Jurid $42.5 (Fast Lane)

Pro-ACT Ceramic Japan $61.54 (Fast Lane)

Akebono ProACT Ceramic $71 (TireRack)

EBC Greenstuff $89 (TireRack)

[front rotor]

ATE (plain) $44.93 (Fast Lane)
ATE Power (slotted) $52.76 (Fast Lane)
Zimmerman (drilled) $64.39 (Fast Lane)
Balo (plain) $44.23 (Fast Lane)

Brembo (plain) $56 (TireRack)
EBC Sport Grooved (slot and blind drilled) $93
PowerSlot (slotted) $102 (TireRack)

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