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Same basic procedure but BE WARNED that the 129 and 140 cars are just terrible for the tip of the removal tool slipping off the side and rather suddenly popping out and cracking the side of the clear lense. You have to be super careful NOT to let this happen. I'm not ashamed to admit I have broken a couple of them, shop had to pay for new lenses and they are NOT cheap.
Best advice I can give, first of all is the "heads up" that this CAN happen, so be cautious when doing the job, don't pull with wreckless abandon. The soapy water helps, so does making sure the interior of the car is warm. This will ease disassembly and make it unneccesary to use alot of pulling force. It helps if the cluster gets pulled maybe twice a year, it'll slip out easier. If the cluster has been in the hole for 1 or 2 + years, you're in for a struggle, but use extreme caution, it's about a $200 slip-up if you break it.

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