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It's running again, I think.

I got the head completely redone and everything back together. After it was together enough, I did a compression check on number one cylinder. It was up from 100 to 200, disappointing. But I finished putting it together anyway.

With the cam timed correctly, I check start of delivery and it was perfect.

I plugged in the block heater about 9:30 this morning and went out to give it a try about 2:00PM this afternoon. Once it got fuel through the system, it busted right off!

I checked over everything and gave it a good test drive and look over after the test drive, everything seems okay.

The question now will be if it will start tomorrow morning without the block heater plugged in. She has no way to plug in the block heater once she gets to school, so I don't want her relying on the block heater.

Hopefully, the side benefit will be lower oil consumption after the valve guides and everything.

Thanks for everyone following along,
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