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Question What am I missing??

Crank bolt came out with ease, I must have just been whipped Saturday when I tried it. Now...

The harmonic balancer (marked with timing marks) won't clear the bracket for the a/c belt tensioner. Removed the pulley assembly hoping it might allow room to cock the balancer past--no luck. There is no mention of removing condenser mounting plate, but that's what it appears must happen. If so, there is an allen bolt behind the suspension pump that looks almost impossible to get to without removing the front of the hydraulic pump. Getting frustrated, time for ice cream and some rest. Any ideas??

To jrbnc--now that you mention it, i recall that the pin for the "banana" rail is removed by canting a bolt in the opening of the pin. Thanks.

To William--The broken piece of the lower rail that I fished out is not nearly as brittle as the upper. New lower rails should be here tomorrow (from Phast Phil of Fast Lane). I'm curious to see if it appears to be the same material as the uppers and the oil bath has kept it more supple.
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