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I took a close look at the fuel system and I see some potential problems. On what I think is a fuel distributer there is a small black box with wires coming to it (please excuse my ignorance of the proper terms) It is leaking gas slowly out where it attaches to the distributer and maybe out a small crack.
Back at the fuel pumps it is also wet with gas. There is a cowel around the pumps and gas is puddeling in it. The wires are sitting in gas, can you beleave that. Good thing I am looking. My michanic told me that he droped the gas tank to change the fuel filter but it looks to me that the fuel filter is sitting on top of the fuel pumps. Am I wrong?
I took it out for a test this morning and determined that at ANY rpm over 3000 she bogs down.
I will check my cap right now and the wires tonight.
It rained "cats and dogs" here yesterday and I will check the cap carefully.
Your willingness to help is refreshing, Thank you
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