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Originally posted by Kestas

Antisieze compound is okay, but we've seen cases where it's dried out, more added, and has turned into a big crunchy mess. We've also seen cases where antisieze compound is slathered on every conceivable surface, raising clamp loads to alarming levels at specified torque. You've got to be reasonable about what you're doing.
Good points. I use antiseize by rubbing a thin ribbon along the length of the thread, then run the bolt through the mating threads a couple of times to evenly distribute it to a very thin film.
I also put a thin film on the wheel bolt seats. That squeaking sound you hear when tightening or loosening wheel bolts is galling.

I've seen fasteners (and even spark plugs) where it looked like the guy ladled the stuff on with a spoon. You only need a very thin film. Periodically I completely clean the wheel bolts and mating threads and reapply antiseize, but I don't use it on spark plugs because the threads in the head are tough to clean without all the debris dropping into the cylinder. Taper seat plugs should only be torqued to about 12 lb-ft in aluminum heads, which will not usually cause them to seize.

Most fasterners have a torque range, and when I use anti-seize, I only torque to the lowest value of the specfied range.

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