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Ooh, sorry everyone. Didn't realise I had touched such a raw nerve. Just wanted to say how much easier it would be if every country could agree on one system, and that having dealt with both, the metric system is simpler.

By the way, working with temperature in Kelvin is much easier if your everyday temperature measurement is in degrees Celsius or Centigrade. A change of 1 degree C is also a change of 1 Kelvin. The only difference is that 0 Kelvin is absolute zero (ie. -273 degrees C) whereas 0 degrees C is 273 Kelvin. When working in Kelvin simply add 273 to the temperature in degrees C.

I would also point out how much easier it is working with dollars and cents rather than pounds, shillings and pence. You guys in the US certainly had the right system there long before we did in Oz. We only adopted dollars and cents in 1966.
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