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It is done!

Whew, I am very glad to have finished the job. Heater cores .....!

Everything works but a long process spanning several weekends (not continuous work) and multiple evenings.

Besides the heater core I upgraded the radio which required some rewiring to bypass the central fader switch and changed the console. I checked all the bulbs in the instrument cluster and of course the climate controls. The vacuum controllers all got changed.

It took several used push button units to find a good used one.

Would I recommend this to someone ..... hmmmm .... I would say yes, but .... Be sure to have a lot of time, patience and be a student of the subject. Really come to understand exactly what is required to pull the dash.

Additionally, all the suggestions from the forum members made a real difference. I remember one member who had done this and said to be sure and install the little square nuts into the new heater core before installing in the heating/ventillation central unit. Easy thing to miss or forget and a total nightmare when one discovers you can't secure the coolant tubes.

Its late, I'll post pictues later.

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