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based on my personal experiences with several different brake pads here's what I've concluded:

ATE and Textar: Heavy amounts of dust, tons of initial bite that I don't really care for, makes coming to a smooth stop difficult, very quiet though, have noticed these will warp rotors as quick as any of the others.

EBC Greens: (Currently on my wifes C230) - Liked them at first but they have trashed out the rotors in terms of run-out. No dust to speak of, quiet (although some here have had noise problems), initial bite is much lower than the ATE's or Textars which makes for a much better brake pedal feel. Will be replacing them soon with PBR's.

PBR Deluxe: (Currently on my E320) - Best all around pad I've ever used, no dust, quiet operation, no grabbiness when the brake pedal is first depressed, nice smooth overall brake feel though, rotors are true and stay that way no matter how hard I use them (huge plus there), will be installing them on my wifes car as soon as I get a new set of front rotors for it.

Note that some people here like the initial bite that the ATE's and Textars have, me personally though I don't like grabby brakes much less ones that leave my wheels black after only going to the store.

Hope this helps.
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