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There is absolutely no connection to the hydraulic rear suspension and the vacuum system. The failure is either a coincidence or you did break a fitting on the resoirvoir.

84 300DT,
If you install that suut off incorrectly you do run the risk of the engine running away, and I don't think you will get the injectors all cracked in time. I dought if anyone here can attest to the fact that it worked for them. The only sure way is to remove all the air cleaner stuff and be ready to slap a 2x4 on the hole. While removing the old unit, pull it straight out gently after you have removed the 4 screws. You will feel it tugging on something like a fish hook caught on a snag. What you feel is the rod of the unit hooked into a hole in the main rack. Just before you start rthis process, take a look at the new unit, and you will get an idea of what is going on. Now tilt the old unit to the side to unhook and pull straight out. Now that you see how it all works, stick the new one in the hole and hook the hook. You can test by tring to pull straight out like before. If you feel the tug, you're hooked. Push it straight back into place and hold it in position while you screw the holding plate back down. If you don't hook the hook, the unit pushes the main rack to full fuel, and there is no shutting it off. Remember a diesel needs to compress air into a tiny space for the injected fuel to burn. If you dlap a board across the air intake, you get injected fuel in the cylinder but no air to cause combustion.

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