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Unhappy Trust ADVANCE auto parts for Starter??? I HAD TO!

For the past few days since the weather has been starting to get a little nippy, my baby's been finicky when it comes to starting once its cold. It sounds like the starter and the first time it happened was Sunday evening (ironically right after I changed my cam oilers and took a look at the timing chain rails to find them beer-bottle brown). At first I thought it was the chain

But a few quick turns and she caught fine. I arrived at work yesterday after having to turn her twice (with the winding noise) until she started and once I parked (warm engine),turned her off and then it started right back up. After work it took me about 2-3 minutes to get her to catch which was scarrrrry! Again she turned and once I got home she started right up again. Sure enough it took 3 turns again this morning and once I parked she started up. Since last night I've been unable to get a starter from the "benz" auto stores that can get it before 10-14 days at over $200!

I'm forced to get a starter (the guy says its bosch since I said that's what I was looking for but we'll see) from Advance because I can't wait 2 weeks and pawn my unborn child for a starter.Has anyone had to do something similar to this and what were the results? I'm hoping that I don't have to regret this although the store guy says I'll have a lifetime warranty and again it is a bosch unit (for $115 -$90 when I get my core $$$ back)! Also, Its been about 5 years since I replaced the starter on my 220D and can't remember about how long it took because I was doing other crap to it that took me alllll day so if anyone can shed some light on how long that will take will help me out a lot. Thanks guys!

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