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I have a 1996 C280 Sport. This weekend, I came down a curved ramp at a good clip, and as I turned and the g's built up, I heard a pop under the hood and the engine started running rough with the "check engine" light on. I immediately drove to local MB dealer, which could not help me since repair shop was closed. 1-800 call to MB Assistance was fruitless as well. The funny thing that I notice is that this was the third time in two years that this has occurred, and each time the repair has been "replace 1/6 ignition coil". The first time was in October 1998, then again in March 2000, and now this past weekend. I was taking a curve in 1998 when it happened then, and the car had just been detailed, including engine cleaning, when it happened in March. In fact, the March incident resulted in three return trips to the local dealer. Each time they fixed it, the car drove less than 10 miles and I again heard the "pop", check engine light came on and motor ran rough. Finally, after the third return trip on the same day, the shop guys went behind closed doors and had a huddle meeting, took the car back in and fixed it, at least until yesterday! Any idea why this keeps happening or what the heck is the problem? Any suggestions are appreciated!
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