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Cool 3.0 Cyl Head Removal Question - Guide rail Locating Pin removal

Hi All,

Thanks for the help and advice with the 300CE Head Removal. The process went very smooth after locating the "Tripple Square " 12 point. (another post had a great deal of info on finding the proper tool.)

In about 3 hours, I had the head ready to be removed. Well...... Almost. This was 4 days ago. Other than the Timing Chain Guide Rail Locating pin, I'm ready to go.

After finally getting the proper "attachment" to the guide pin via a 6mm bolt, I've been trying to no avail with the slide hammer to remove the pin.

Any tips?. It won't seem to budge. (slide hammer is a 5 lb model as the larger one simply wasw too large to get "in there". (Boy, a threaded shoulder bolt instead of this pin would have been a very nice Idea here.)

Any hints.??
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