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Conflicting Opinions on Fuel Pump Buzzing?

1988, 190e, 2.3L, 8v, 150K miles

I hear a rather loud "buzzing" from the fuel pump located underneath the driver side rear seat. (heard it about 4 months ago but then it went away, I think but now is back loader than before) It is definately the fuel pump that is "buzzing" because I just lifted the car and took off the plastic cover to verify that this was the source of the buzzing.

Now, I have searched this topic and read quite a few threads that this is signs of fuel pump failure. But, I have also read that the fuel pump can buzz, even loudly, and continue to operate as normal for quite some time and that the buzzing could not necesarily be a premature sign of failure.

My questions:

1) Is it safe to drive like this? I ask because this weekend I was planning on taking this car on a trip. 400 Km round trip on up and down roads/mountains. (passing trucks and buses on two lane highways is involved)

2) If buzzing is premature signal of fuel pump failure, are there any others or does it just stop functioning from one moment to the next. (car starts on first turn of key w/o pressing down on the gas - idle is very little eratic varies maybe 50 rpms if that, and at about 750-800 rpms consistent)

3) Should I change the fuel pump even though no other signs of failure? What are if any other premature signs of failure? (bought the car 7 years ago with 60K and never have changed the fuel pump)

Thanks in advance for any and all replies!!!!
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