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I had previously removed the air control valve and cleaned it, but there was no change in the idle problem. Tonight I removed the electrical connection to the valve and like you said the rpm surged to approximately 2000.


The history of this car is that it was driven infrequently in the last few years since the owner lost interest in it. She already had the use of 3 other cars (2 company cars & a lexus rx300). So it sat alot which I guess could cause the injectors to gum up. I've added techron several times without any improvement. Also, I've replaced the fuel filter. Car runs fine on acceleration and cruise, but at a light you can feel the engine twitch. I've also hunted for vacuum leaks but can't find any.

If the result from your test confirms a lean mixture that is causing the miss, what's my next step to remedy. Do I replace all injectors or can I narrow down to just the bad ones?

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