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Ticking sound when breaking

Hey guys

I did a search but it came up empty, so here is my question.

I use my car very little while in school, mainly on the weekends to get me to work.

Over the past two weeks or so, I notice a ticking sound coming from the back when braking.

It seems that if I break very gently, there is no ticking, but the harder I break the louder the tick is. Now I can't be sure if brakes have anything to do with this, but it seems that way.

To describe the sound, it sounds like a spring getting caught on something, but it is not consistent in frequency.

If I think about springs, the only thing that comes to mind is the springs for the e-brake, but those at the moment are removed, so it is not an option.

My guess is that this could be something with suspension, but I'm wondering if anyone came across something like this and could give me a pointer in the right direction.

I will be looking over all the suspension links over the weekend to see if anything is maybe lose, and needs to be tightened up.

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