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Sorry for the confusion guys but I was actually talking about the 560... Yes the battery is just fine (its only a year old and nothing dimmed when I turned her). But I meant I hadn't had to change a starter SINCE I did my 220d so again sorry for the confusion.

The VERY good news was that they were able to have the starter ready for pickup within the time I called them from work at 9am and I got there at 6pm. I really appreciated the fact that this particular store bent the rules for me. I know it is against policy to order an item for p/u without the person paying for it 1st because they eat it a lot of times but the good Lord saw fit that they trust a person's word in such an untrusting world that I'd show up and pay for it.

It was a blessing for us both because low and behold was a shiny new (refurbished in Germany anyway) BOSCH starter! I was able to get this baby for under $100 once I bring in my core. Of course the 560 started right up yesterday and this morning but I'll probably still change it out soon. If it continues to act right I've got a brand new Starter for "whenever" for a very decent price... Thanks for the words guys and I;ll keep you posted
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