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240D Start Up Problems

Hello everyone,
I am new to this site and happen to find it somewhere.
I have a 1981 Mercedes Benz 240D that was givin away to me and I seem to have problems in trying to start it up. Now I did drive it down to my house by using another battery from another car. The battery that is in it is brand new however when I try to start it up I hear a clicking sound. Could it be the starter, the solenoid or both? Is there a way of checking it to see where the problem is? Also the car is a deisel however I have never owned a deisel so does it work the same way as in a truck where you have to hold down a button or turn the key so far to run the glow plugs in order to warm up the cylinders? or do you just start it right up withour waiting. Now I live in Orlando Florida where it is always hot however we are getting into the season now where things are starting to cool down.
Thanks for any help with this problem I am having.
Ronnie Smith
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