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do i go ahead and tackle the range recognition switch?
how do i know that the valves inside valve body were good?
do i try and tow car and get to see what codes there are now?

i am now wondering if i should not have put in a complete valve body?
could the car be stuck in kickdown mode?

1. Only if you want to continue to throw parts at the problem
2. You don't
3. You mean tow the car to a service facility and have the code read? Yes, sound good to me. What were the codes before? You never posted what they were, just how many there were.
4. Possibly the valve body is needed, I've had this same thing happen before, but it's quite a "leap" to assume it needs the whole valve body, plus then you need to assess if it will also need a new ETC control module (remember, new conductor plate, use same control module, new valve body and you may need the the control unit)
5. throttle position info is sent to the ETC from the engine control unit, there is no "kick down position" like on an older tranny, although the transmission DOES respond like an older transmission at full throttle input.

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