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got a call back from the dealer today. it's unbelievable. the service assist manager had test driven the car with me last week and acknowledged that the brakes werent as effective. now I get a call today from the manager of service saying the tech's checked it out again and don't see any problems. I wasted half an hour trying to reason with him but he won't listen. As a last resort I did tell him that I almost got into an accident situation and want to take this all the way upto corporate lexus and he said I'm welcome to do that...
They claim they checked the system but I know they didn't since their assist manager told me they don't do anything besides test driving the car and checking for leaks of brake fluid.
The master cylinder was replaced last year by them. When I told them that other techs have pointed out to a possilby faulty master cylinder he said it didn't show signs of any problems.
I'm stuck and quite frustrated.
what should I do next ?
I would like to know what other compnonents could possibly be at fault here. the following have been replaced so far :
1. master cylinder
2. brake booster
3. brake pads and rotors
4. Calllipers have been checked for proper operation.
5. bleeding done 5 times by different mechanics
6. pressuer check valve

Anything else that comes to mind ?
symptoms are :
spongy pedal,
never touches the floor but stops about 2 inches away from it.
requires additional foot force to stop the car. the more foot pressure is applied to the pedal, the harder the pedal seems to get, it's as if the pedal is resisting the foot pressure while I'm trying to brake.

I'm in new jersey, and would be more than happy to take it to anyone at this point who specializes in brakes. I just need the damn problem fixed. but before I do that, I want to make sure that the $2750 that i've given the lex dealer for the same problem don't go wasted either...
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