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I checked out what little info I have here about the codes.

There are actual (current) codes and stored codes. MOST of your codes relate to each other on an actual/stored basis, although I don't know what most of them mean.

code 058 relates to 154, code 59 relates to 155, code 62 relates to 158, code 64 relates to 160, and code 65 relates to 161. The lower numbers represent current codes, and the higher number (higher by a factor of 96) is a stored code. So in otherwords if say code #1 means "the dipstick is bent, current fault", then code #97 (higher by 96) would mean "the dipstick is bent, stored fault".
Hope this helps. So actually you only really have about 1/2 the things wrong you would normally assume, except that stored code 136.

NOW, I did find a piece of info in my book concerning that code 065. My info says that means "Defective ETC (hardware), actual/existing, and it says to replace the ETC control unit.
This is in a list I received in 722.6 training concerning "Automatic transmission 722.6, Complaints, causes and remedies"

There is also this one I thought I'd list:
"No upshift of first gear (S) or 2nd gear (W) below 5000 rpm"
the remedy it gives:
1 Gear recognition switch S16/10 Replace gear recognition switch

So if you want to chance it, you can give this a try. With that ETC code (and God knows what the other codes are) it may be a bit of a gamble no matter what you try.

No chance the car is water-damaged?

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