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Talking 88 300e problems

Hey guys,

I have a 88 300 with 131,000. It burns no oil and runs pretty good.

Problem I am having is the car has the famous surging idle and rough idle!! The surging is not all the time though. It will usually surge at idle while in park or when slowing down in drive or reverse. Also sometimes when coming to a quick stop it will die. It seems to just keeping dropping in idle. It will hit about 400rpm and then die. I don't thing any of this is a vacuum leak because it doesn't do it over and over again. Oh and usually on a cold start first time it starts it dies, usually starts right back up and stays running.

Also take a look at these pictures.
The first picture is the car in PARK. The economy gauge is almost to the left side. The second picture the car is in DRIVE. The economy gauge is almost in the middle. When I drive though and let off the gas the gauge goes all the way to the left like it should.

Should the guage stay about in the middle with the car just sitting in DRIVE???

Any HELP would be great.... THANKS

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