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w126 bumper cover

I have my old one that I never sent back to Michael for my core deposit. If you were not in a terrible hurry for it and could allow him time to refinish my old one, we could probably work out a deal with him for me to ship him the old one back to refinish. If you talk to him, tell him that on this board you had talked to Scott Fish, who had bought one from him back in the summer and I still have the old one he could refinish. It's just a thought. If you go to The Benz Bin to order one, it will run you about $650 + before shipping and painting. The only reason I did not ship my old one back to Michael was that it was going to cost me almost as much as the core deposit I paid, so I decided not to fool with it, but still have it all packaged up in the box ready to ship. Just let me know if you want to work out a deal. If you some time you can wait on it and Michael will agree to give me a little more back on the core, I can ship it to him to refinish. When finished, you can purchase it from him. His stuff is excellent. I am very pleased and would not have found anything close for the price. Just let me know.
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