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C220 diesel problem

I own a 1996 C220 diesel and am having a very strange problem. Due to peculiar running characteristics which ulimately resulted in "stop" followed by "no start", the injector pump was rebuilt by a professional specialist company. However although it is much better it still is not right and exhibits eratic running. Contact with the Lucas/CAV people resulted in the information that, although they knew not what the specific cause was, the problem was being generated in the fuel tank and was due to drawing air into the fuel pipe. This sound perfectly reasonable and fits with all the symptoms and history. However I can not imagine what can be causing the problem within the tank. Any ideas would be more than welcome.
What I find truely appaling is that Mercedes have fit a Lucas/CAV pump to the C220 instead of the good old Bosch. Not for nothing did we refer to Joseph Lucas as the Prince of Darkness!!!!
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