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Sounds like a risky operation, but there is not much data to go on. You might want to compare the specs and equipment for the non-turbo and turbo models. Besides the engine differences themselves, what could make a difference are things like:
To handle the extra power, is the transmission a different model? Is the radiator larger? is there a transmission cooler, or a larger one? The rear end ratios are sure to be different, so the tranmission gear ratios are likely to be different, as well.
Are there differences in auxiliary equipment, such as radiator fans and alternator, maybe the fuel injection system. Certainly the whole air intake, air filter, exhaust setup has to be different.
Notwithstanding that, I have known a couple of people who had such a change made on various older Benzes. The more successful of the two involved changing out the whole engine and transmission, and living with the rear end difference.
In any case, it is a lot of labor and not to be undertaken lightly.
I'd put my energy into finding a whole car, instead, i think....
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