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Where is a/c control unit?

The a/c on my '88 420 SEL is "broke." I live in the boonies so I don't have easy access to a dealer. However, I do have a mechanic who is computerized and quite knowledgable. He says that the compressor clutch circuit has an open in it. He suspectes that there may be a fault with the air conditioning compressor control unit but he can't find it. The unit is not where his reference says it should be. Can anybody give me a hint as to where that unit might be (chassis: 126.035; engine 116).

He has quoted about $700 to replace the compressor and dryer, including labor ($90), compressor oil and refrigerant. This does not include a control unit. Of course if the problem is the control unit, then perhaps the compressor is okay. When he finds the control unit he says he can check it for proper performance. I'm checking parts costs, here, at Mercedes Shop.

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