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I'm not sure if yours is identical to mine ('87 560SEL), but it must be similar. If you pull out the ashtray and remove the inner tray there are two screws beneath. Remove those and the entire ashtray can be removed. There should then be two screws located where the top of the ashtray met the bottom of the climate control section, remove them and the climate control panel can be removed (pull down and out). Try to turn the panel sideways and you will find 5 (one on each side, two on the bottom, and one tricky one at the top) screws holding the actual climate control module to the wood panel, remove them. Finally you should be able to see the area of the climate control module that is hidden by the wood panel. There should be two holes near the middle (one towards the left, the other towards the right), inside each of these holes is a bulb. The only way I was able to remove the bad bulb (with the help of many people here) was to get ahold of a small piece of rubber tubing which would fit over the bulb and pull it out. Then, just pop in a new one and put everything back together. Hope this helps.
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