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Funny thing happened. I was about to chacge out the EHA So I removed the air cleaner and unpluged the wire from the EHA.
The phone rang and I had to run and pick up my son who had gotten a splinter under his nail. So I slaped the air cleaner back on and left the air ducts off and took the 15 minute run. Stepped down hard after she was warm and to my surprise she went straight past the 3000 RPM mark that has been trouble. So I tried it again and again and it was fine. So I am figuring Air ducts?
Than I remember I didn't plug the wire back into the EHA.
So now I figure the EHA has got to go so I replace it when I get home, that is after I removed the splinter, plug it in and test drive and it is back to dieing at wot 3000 rpm and up. So it only works well with the EHA disconnected??? I am still waiting on the accumulator I purchased on ebay and will install it when I get it.
But I don't know. If your not too busy, I would appreciate you input.
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