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Thanks for your reply. My mechanic is not a Mercedes "specialist", just a well schooled, experienced generalist. I'll pass your info along. Question (pardon my ignorance): where do I find and tell the mechanic where 105c/115c and 115c/120c switches are or can I expect him to know. He gave me the diagram of the locator sheet he got off his computer and the illustration is very non-descriptive in terms of actual placement of the components, though he said he found all but the a/c control unit. I think that unit may actually be the ACC temp. control unit. I've read elsewhere on this forum that cold solder points in that unit are troublsome. I may try resoldering the unit if I can get it out. One thing for sure is that I don't want to replace the compressor if there's a simpler fix. Here's what happened with the a/c: sudden complete loss of cooling with hot air flowing out of the defrost. I understand that is a normal default when the a/c quites. I also lost the fan because a fuse blew. That fan operates when the fuse termals are shorted.
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