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Bad Maf Sensor - What to do

Have 1998 80k miles. I have replaced the Maf sensor twice and looks like its gone bad again.

When replacing second time checked airfilter and noticed small holes in filter. So I replaced filter and MAF sensor worked fine for about a year.

It seems that it takes about a year for the MAF sensor to go bad each time I change it.

Same erratic idle back again. I tried cleaning with alcohol and air, Definitly improved but still will occaisionally die when coming to a stop.


1. Whats the cheapest I can find this. One internet site had it for $265.00

2. Is there a better way to clean it.

3. Besides the air filter is there something else that can cause this failure.

4. Is this unit interchangeable with VW MAF sensor(lot cheaper).

5. Why would anybody in there right mind ever buy a Mercedes. After looking in consumer reports again they are terrible in reliabiltiy for their electric. I'm done with them.

If anybody has any idea's I would appreciate the help.

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