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Originally posted by Ali Al-Chalabi
Yes, of course asbestos has been banned in the US from friction materials. However, some members have reported getting some types of PBR pads with a warning on the box that they contain asbestos. PBR is not an OEM company and they are not manufactured in the US. I would not use any pads that contained asbestos on my car. Most of the PBR pads are asbestos free, but a select few might not be, I would be sure before I used them.
i know the last set of PBRs for my Toyota Cressida are asbestos-based. I bought a set of PBRs for my mom's 380SL, and she is complaining about poor braking, so i going back to OE-box Textar and Pagid pads from Fastlane.
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