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Sorry it took so long to reply but I just walked in. Im in college and finals/presentations are due this week (Golly, its 2:15am). Anyways, I will first get the compression test done as Larry suggested. By the way Larry, what is a compression check?? What goes into a compression check? Is this some extensive type of labor for mechanics to take more of your money? I stopped in my local MB dealership today and spoke to a service manager about the problem i've indicated above--man, what an a**hole he was. I told him that I wanted a price quote on just changing the seals, and he said "well, your looking around $900 son". I said, why does it cost so much when changing the seals doesnt require removing the head (thanks MBshop). He said "the head must come off for seals--we dont do that kind of monkey business". I kept pleading with them that you can change valve seals without removing the head. Even his fellow buddies jumped in trying to defend him. I started throwing some "verbal javelins" or "technical stuff" at em, and they started to feel nervous. They though I was just some dumb youngen with no idea about cars. When I would use terms as "M103" or M104" they didnt even know what I was talking about. In my opinion, I think they were even suprised that I knew what a valve job was. Basically they were all a bunch of greasy fat guys in cheap suits. When he said if i wanted to book an appointment, I clearly told him no thanks pal, and I walked outta there. But again, once finals are over, I will take her to my independent tech, and do compression check. If compression is fine, the seals are going in, if the compression is bad on some of the cylinders, Im gonna have to make a huge decision. I have to thank everyone who enlightened me further on this subject. By owning this 300E, im beginning to learn alot about the automotive industry and what type of crooks are in it. God bless MBshop

Sorry for ranting...i'm tired
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