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Hey guys,

I have an '03 C32 AMG, and the other night I was driving in a bad storm and a car to the left of me suddenly swerved into my lane. I had no choice but to swerve to the right and hit the curb.

Needless to say, I damaged my front right rim.

Oh well, it was time to go get 19's anyway

Now I have some brand new 19" Foose Lusso's and they're SICK.

But, my car seems to pull a great deal to the left. My steering wheel has to be at about 5-10 degrees to the right before I can go straight.

Is all I need to do take the car in for an alignment?

What's the chances a good independent shop could do just as good/better of a job than the dealership?

Do they have to be knowledgeable about Benz in general to align a Benz car?

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