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Derrel H Green
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I disagree!

Originally posted by blackmercedes
Not necessarily. I've never had an MB alternator go out that early, however, some of the newer cars have very elaborate electrical systems and I wonder if they put more strain on the charging system.

It was the one part on our 98 E300 that didn't break.

Why anyone that is not in the business of repairing MBZs would dispute a Master technician that is in that business and has stated that he has seen several late model '98 and '99 E-300 DTs loose their altenators at an average of only 75K miles is beyond me!

I'm sure that there is most likely not any MBZ that is harder on the charging system than a diesel because of the glow plug system that does place a dead short on the electrical system whenever the glow plugs are activiated. That is one of the reasons why that hugh battery is in place there, and not just because they want to add extra weight to the rear of the vehicle. When that amount of current is withdrawn, how else will it get replaced?:p
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