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Re: Reasonable Charge for Four Wheel Alignment?

All Mercedes made after '96 will not have adjustable camber/caster, so the first time you perform alignment on them, the adjustable camber/caster bolt need to be installed.
Subsequence alignment will cost you less, since even my independent shop charged me around $100 extra for the first time alignment due to this.

Originally posted by aborwick
I took my 2002 C320 into the dealer for its "B" service and requested a four wheel alignment as well. The alignment cost me $178.51, $164.95 for labor and $13.56 for parts. My service advisor told me that the work was labor intensive because the wheel was so far out of alignment that tech had to install a caster bolt to properly align the tires. The price was much higher than an alignment for my 1992 190. Was this price reasonable? Will I have to pay this price every time I take the car in for an alignment or will more frequent alignments avoid what seems to me to be a high cost. Thanks in advance for your advice.
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