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Re: Check Engine Light

Any auto zone store can just hook up the OBD2 scanner to read the code and reset the light for you. Or you can do it like me, buy a scanner for $50 and do it yourself. I got mine from eBay for $47.
All M112 engines (V6) suffer the MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor problem, which will trigger the check engine light.
Part will run you about $260, take 30 seconds to install and reset the light.

Originally posted by sshanken
The check engine light went on the other day on my 1998 ML 320, when I was in the desert? The gas cap seemed tight but I removed it and put it back on. After a short time, the light went out. Is this normal?

One time the Mercedes guy told us that only they could turn the light off and charge a hefty amount of money to do so.
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