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Derrel H Green
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Note of unhappiness?

Originally posted by jcyuhn
I've largely blocked the memory of my E300 turbodiesel out of my mind, but I seem to recall seeing the battery charge warning as the battery was beginning to die. If you still have the original factory battery it's just about time for it to go out. I find those things remarkably consistent - I replaced the one in my (now gone) '98 model almost exactly a year ago.

At the very least, check the water level in the battery. No, it's not sealed, and the dealer probably doesn't top it up when you have the car serviced.

- JimY

ps: the battery is under the back seat.

Do I detect the presence of bad memories with your E-300 DT?

I haven't looked at the battery yet, and it could be the original. This vehicle was built in late September, 1998.
Does that German battery last for more than five years? Many years ago, a person was lucky to receive much more than a couple of years from an original battery.

Thanks. I knew the battery was under the seat, but I still don't know how to remove the seat part to get to it?

When that oversized monster gives up, I'll replace it with a Kirkland Optima and end that adding water drill once and for all! The idea of having an unsealed battery vented or not under the rear seat within the cabin area doesn't sit to well with me. What were they thinking?

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