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Re: I disagree!

Originally posted by Derrel H Green

Why anyone that is not in the business of repairing MBZs would dispute a Master technician that is in that business and has stated that he has seen several late model '98 and '99 E-300 DTs loose their altenators at an average of only 75K miles is beyond me!
Uh, okay, sorry I gave my opinion. I have a little experience with MB's in driving and owning them (over 800K-km's worth) and in my experience (didn't I say that...?) the alternator is not an early failure item, and shouldn't be part of a sub 100K maintenance schedule. however, I qualified my statement that perhaps there were models (newer ones...) that did were more fialure prone. However, Dr. Diesel did not say "I do E300 alternators all day long" but that he has done several. However, before going out on a limb and replacing a perfectly good alternator, you might want to explore some other options, including the battery. A new battery is much cheaper than a new alternator if you're taking the "throw parts at it" approach.

And I happened to have owned a 1998 E300 turbo that was the worst car I've ever had. It was on the hoist more than on the road. In my experience, and again that is MY limited experience, about the only thing on my E300 that didn't break was the alternator. I'll stop now. BTW, taking the rear seat out is pretty easy, but I'll let a Master Tech tackle it...
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