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I recently aquired a MY1994 & up Maintenance Manual (124,129,140,202 cars). In it I see that to bleed or flush the brake system on cars with ASR and later versions of slip regulation requires the use of the impulse counter. My question is: is this absolutely necessary? I have a 1995 C280 (which I don't think is effected by this as it does not have ASR) and a 1999 E430 (which of course has ESP). I recently flushed the E430 using my normal procedure, but at the rear the fluid flowed very slow (I use an EZE-BLEED at 20 psi). Do any of the techs on the board have any suggestions on a "home-made" impulse counter? It would be nice to get an overview on what they are trying to accomplish using the impulse counter. I assume there are valves and perhaps an accumulator in the system that need to be flushed or bled. Any tutoring would be appreciated.
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