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New radio now no heat

I hav a 1983 300SD Turbo with only 202,000 KM in near mint condition. I had a new stereo installed by a audio shop and enjoy my new CD player but at the expense of my climate control. Maybe they damaged something in the wires or whatever when installing the new radio. What happens is that all the fans work but heat comes out for only about 1/2 minute and turns to cold right fast. If you stop the car, shut off the ignition switch then restart the car or just turn on ignition to accessary, the heat will again pour out again for another 30 seconds or so. then stop again

I guess that the valve that allows the hot water to go thru the heater core shuts off about 30 seconds after I start the car. It seems though that if I roll the dial to MAX the heat continues to blast out and doesn't turn cold. None of this has ever happened before. The no heat thing that is, as I just left it on 22 degrees and it always worked great until immediately after they put in the new CD player.
Does anyone have some ideas here, as the installer says he is insured but he wants to pull out the radio and have a look for a broken wire or something. I'm concerned they may have screwed up a module or something worth big bucks.
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